My name is Toby Fenton and I am a freelance photographer based in High Wycombe and Birmingham.
I specialise in Cricket Photography and Music Photography
I also frequently photograph Landscapes and Cityscapes alongside dabbling in Professional Portraits and Headshots.

I have been interested in photography for many years. My fascination was piqued when I received my first DSLR camera as a child, and from that point on, my camera and I were inseperable.
My enthusiasm for photography has led me to many different experiences. During my time at the University of Birmingham I was a longstanding member of the Photography Society where I had the pleasure of serving as the President for an academic year. 
Durng my tenure as the President, I was responsible for organsing many different events. My personal favourite experience was organising and participating in a talk with internationally renowned Getty Photographer Gareth Copley-Jones.

Notable Photographic Collaborations
University of Birmingham Careers Network
University of Birmingham Engineers Rugby
Redbrick Student Newspaper (University of Birmingham)

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